The Fairhaven Empowered Youth activities are designed to reach the hearts of our teenagers, provide some ministry experience through healthy competition, and provide great food, fun, and fellowship that they will remember for years to come.
We kick things off on Monday evening after everyone has registered and keep things going steady until Friday morning.  Take a look at some of the activities every teen can enjoy:


Rugged Boy’s War

Not for the faint of heart— each teen guy will get the chance to load up his paintball gun and go to battle!  While defending your team and attacking your enemy, you’ll enjoy some exciting competition in our Airsoft “battle zone.”

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Nail-Biting Volleyball Tournament

While the guys are “at war,” the girls will be battling it out on the volleyball court.  With competition that is always fun to watch and exciting to play, your team will enjoy this tournament opportunity.  Don’t have enough girls for a team?  Put one together with friends you meet at the Conference!


Crazy Auditorium Games

Before each service you will get the joy of participating in our world-famous, original, and super-easy-to-understand auditorium games.  There will be numerous equal-opportunity moments for complete teen craziness and exciting challenges.  Plus, everyone will enjoy our very own “sanctuary volleyball”!

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Challenging Split Sessions

Of course, not everything in life is fun and games.  Throughout the conference, there will be split session teaching times to challenge you spiritually.  These will be aimed to help you with the issues every teen faces today.  Prayerfully, this will charge you to go back home and be stronger in your service for Christ.

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Inspiring Bible Messages

The most important part of our Youth Conference is the preaching service.  It’s always a joy to see God bring just the right message at just the right time at each service.  You will be challenged, stirred, and hopefully, changed by the preaching you hear during this week!  With a tender heart, you can have a life-changing week!


Exciting Competition

The competition time is another great (maybe kind of nerve-wracking) part of Empowered Youth.  Play an instrument, tell a story, sing a song, or preach a message (guys only, of course!).  In whatever category you wish to enter, come ready to compete.  The experience you’ll gain is great, but also, you may come away with a trophy or. . . a scholarship to Fairhaven Baptist College!  See our competition page for more details.


Bible Quizzing

How well do you know your Bible?  Put a team together and find out!  Answer questions on general Bible knowledge and target questions on a single book and walk away with the trophy.  Our Bible quiz competition provides an excellent opportunity to test your Bible knowledge in a fun way.

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After Service Activities

Each night after the evening service, there will be various activities in the gym.  Go swimming, play some ball, eat some ice cream, or take home an Empowered Youth t-shirt!  There’s plenty to keep you busy until lights out!


Thrilling Chicago Activity

Nearly everyone who comes to Empowered Youth loves going on our Chicago activity.  On Thursday after the morning service, we’ll load up the buses and head to downtown Chicago for some fun in the city!  See the sights, hang out with friends, and enjoy some crazy things we have planned.  You’ll love it!


Late Night Activity

Want to end the conference with a BANG?!  By the end of the week, there’s just too much excitement to go to bed!  So, we always end with a late night activity that will run into early Friday morning.  Safe, supervised, and super-sized fun aided by loads of Mountain Dew, we guarantee to end the Conference on a sugar-high note!

While we do guarantee a ton of fun, we strive to balance the fun with a focus upon the Lord.  With specially written themed devotional books, room devotion times, and, of course, the lesson and preaching times, we pray that God will work mightily in the hearts of our youth.