Competition is a very exciting part of Empowered Youth.  We encourage all of the teens that come to participate.  From telling a Bible story, to preaching, to instrumental….there is something for everyone.  A few of the details are below, but for all the specifics, download the registration forms and official rules.

All 9th-12th grade first place contest winners in preaching, speech, vocal solo, piano, and instrumental solos will receive a $1,500 scholarship to Fairhaven Baptist College as well as a beautiful trophy. The 7th and 8th grade first place contest winners in all categories will be competing for a nice trophy.  The first place team in the Bible quizzing competition will enjoy a special lunch and limo ride.


Registration for vocal groups & Bible quizzing will take place upon arrival.

Competition Categories:

1. Preaching
2. Speech
3. Vocal solo and groups
4. Piano solo
5. Instrumental solo (strings, brass, and woodwind)
6. Bible quizzing – Galatians (2018)