Bible Quizzing

The Bible quizzing competition is an exciting chance to test your Bible knowledge.  Each team will be quizzed on general Bible knowledge of the book that is selected for that year.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for every teen to immerse themselves in the Word of God in preparation for the Bible quiz competition.

Registration for Bible quizzing will take place upon arrival.


  1. Each church is allowed two Bible quiz teams.
  2. Each team should consist of four team members with one being the alternate.
  3. Teams will be quizzed on the book for the current year (see below) and simple, general Bible knowledge.

Book Rotation

The rotation of Bible books is as follows:

  • Galatians (2018)
  • Ephesians (2019)
  • I Thessalonians (2020)
  • I Timothy (2021)


The winning Bible quiz team will get the opportunity to go out to eat on Wednesday.  Enjoy riding in style as your limousine takes you to your eating destination!