The purpose of our Empowered Youth competition time is to give teens the chance to practice in events that will prepare them to more effectively serve in their churches.  For this reason, we have some guidelines that we ask you to follow to keep everything running smoothly, to remain in focus with our purpose, and to honor and glorify Christ.


All contestants must meet the standards of dress, appearance, and conduct as held by Fairhaven Baptist College.  Contestants should refrain from following worldly fashions.  It will be necessary to discount points and even disqualify individuals or ensembles that fail to meet standards of dress as follows:


Boys should not have long hair, beards, or mustaches.  Hair must be off the collar and ears and should not be excessively thick. Young men should wear a suit or sport coat and tie.


Girls must wear nice, modest dresses or skirts. The length must not be shorter than the bottom of the knee, and blouses may not be low-cut or open. Immodest slits in skirts and dresses are NOT permissible, and clothing must not have openings which would be immodest in any way while walking, sitting, or standing. Clothing should be loose fitting – NO tight clothing will be permitted.

Time Limit

There will be a penalty of up to 5 points for disregarding the time limit in any of the categories.


The judges, upon counsel with the coordinator, reserve the right to disqualify any contestant on the basis of performance or selection.