Learning to play a musical instrument can be a great aid in any church.  It is a wonderful way to praise God.  If you play or are learning to play a standard orchestra instrument (brass, woodwind, or strings), we encourage you to enter our instrumental music competition.

Be sure and choose your piece within the guidelines stated below and within your abilities, but also, make sure and challenge yourself.  You will find the experience very rewarding!


      1. Soloists will perform one memorized piece not to exceed 5 minutes in performance time if in the Varsity competition.  Those competing in the Jr. Varsity category do not need to memorize their piece.
      2. All pieces should be sacred or patriotic. Contemporary Christian music, “Christian” rock, jazz, country, or any music with elements of the above will be disqualified.
      3. Original arrangements will be accepted if written out and performed as written.
      4. No soloist may perform the same selection in two consecutive years.
      5. Each contestant shall provide his own accompanist. Taped accompaniments will not be allowed. Contestants should not be their own accompanist. If an accompanist is needed, please contact us no less than one month in advance.
      6. Three copies of the music must be provided for the judges with measures numbered, beginning with the first full measure. The director or student must submit these to the judges at performance time.
      7. No extreme or unnecessary body movement or choreography will be permitted.
      8. We also ask that only standard orchestra instruments (brass, woodwind, or strings) be entered.  If you have a question concerning your instrument, feel free to contact us ahead of time.