At Fairhaven Baptist Church and College, we have a great burden to see more preachers serving in our churches.  While we know that not every young man will be called to preach, we believe that preaching in a competition is great preparation for whatever service you may do in your church for the future.

Start now asking God for a sermon to preach for competition.  Work hard to prepare your sermon and your delivery.  Then, enjoy God’s help as you compete and preach His Word!


  1. Entry shall be restricted to young men.
  2. Contestants may only use the authorized King James Version of the Bible.
  3. Varsity contestants shall prepare a sermon limited to 8-11 minutes.  Jr. Varsity contestants must prepare a 4-6 minute sermon.
  4. The contestant must prepare an original topical sermon.  A copy of the outline may be taken to the pulpit.
  5. Each contestant shall present three copies of his typewritten sermon outline (with his name on each one) to the judges at the time of delivery.
  6. Other contestants and spectators are encouraged to attend the preaching sessions.
  7. Contestants will be judged on content, pulpit manner, and delivery.