It is our desire that each Empowered Youth Conference convey a fun-filled and exciting atmosphere while at the same time one that is holy and Christ-honoring.  We ask that you help us to protect a godly atmosphere by carefully abiding by the following guidelines of appearance and conduct.

The standards we have are Biblically based and will be upheld by all attendees and visitors. Knowing these policies beforehand and following these rules while at Empowered Youth will help you to have a more enjoyable visit. Please read them carefully.


No one is to bring alcoholic beverages, tobacco in any form, radios, CD or MP3 players, iPods, knives, guns or weapons of any kind, video games, or fireworks. Electronic devices that play media of any kind are not allowed. This includes iPads, laptops, and video games.  Upon arrival, cell phones of all attendees will be kept by the youth leader (or Mr. Ramos, if coming with no group leader) for the entire duration of Empowered Youth.

No medication is to be kept by an attendee. All medication must be monitored by the youth worker/chaperone/parent.

Physical contact between male and female attendees is forbidden, nor are they permitted to be alone together at any time.

Any damage to or defacing of the campus facilities or property will be paid for by those responsible for the damage.


Ladies should wear modest, loose-fitting tops and skirts; and full, modest culottes.  No shorts, miniskirts, pants, or tight clothing of any kind are allowed.  Skirts, dresses, and culottes must touch the floor when kneeling and cover the knee completely when sitting or standing.  No slits above the knee.  No sleeveless tops, low necklines, or low backs.  Dress clothes (which include dresses or skirts) are required for services.


Shirts with questionable pictures, emblems, or words are not allowed. No sleeveless shirts.  No tight-fitting clothing.  Dress clothes are required for the services—shirts and ties are encouraged while collared shirts are acceptable. No earrings, bracelets, or necklaces.  Loose fitting track pants are permitted for gym and outdoor activities.  Hair must be off the ears and collar; no dyed hair styles.

Anyone who does not abide by these guidelines will be asked to change their appearance and/or conduct.  Anyone failing to comply will be sent home at the individual’s or church’s expense.