Throughout the Empowered Youth Conference, it is our desire to create an atmosphere that is fun-filled and exciting but that is, far more importantly, holy and Christ-honoring.  With that goal in mind, we ask that you abide by certain guidelines of dress and conduct.
Because we are very zealous to protect this atmosphere, we ask that you be equally as concerned to abide by them.  If you do not abide by these guidelines, you will be approached and asked to change your appearance and conduct.  We reserve the right to ask anyone who does not comply with these to return home; so, it is in the best interest of all concerned to simply comply.


  1. Boys may not be alone with girls at any time.
  2. During Empowered Youth week we ask that teenagers refrain from the use of electronic devices.
  3. All visitors must conform to the rules and regulations of Fairhaven Baptist College while on campus.


Dress clothes are required for services.  Casual clothes are expected at activities.

For Girls:

Pants, walking shorts, tight shirts, or skirts with immodest slits are not permitted. We ask that all skirts and culottes come below the knee when sitting or standing. Also, all necklines should be high and unrevealing.  Culottes must be full and modest.

For Boys:

Tank tops are not permitted.  Boys are permitted to wear track pants in the gym and for outdoor activities.  During the service times, we ask that you not wear jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes. We ask that collared shirts be worn in the evening services; however dress shirts and ties are encouraged.  Hats are permitted outdoors only.

We encourage all teens to prepare their hearts and spirits to receive something from God during this week.  This can happen best when you ask God for a tender heart and godly attitude toward all things during this week, including the rules.