Fairhaven Baptist Church and College Presents

November 8-11, 2021

Join us for this exciting week! Read on for more details.

EY 2021 Begins in...

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What a great opportunity to gain ministry experience by telling a Bible story, preaching, playing a keyboard or instrumental solo, sing a solo or sing with a group. There's something for everyone.

General Info

The conference is designed specifically for young people in grades 7th-12th. The preaching and teaching is focused on helping them meet the challenges that the youth of today face every day.


We are privileged to host this wonderful conference each year. We realize the effort that folks make to get here, and we also understand that you'll have questions. We're here to help!

What It's About

Empowered Youth is a conference especially for 7th-12th grade teenagers. Each year it is exciting to think about the mighty changes that God can bring to the lives of our young people. We hope that you will be praying with us that God will do some great things this year!

Highlights of the week include opportunities to do the following:

[icon color="#b72a2a" icon="kt-icon-check-circle" size="20px"]     Meet teens from across America and around the world.
[icon color="#b72a2a" icon="kt-icon-check-circle" size="20px"]     Listen to good, Bible preaching geared toward teenagers and the challenges they face.
[icon color="#b72a2a" icon="kt-icon-check-circle" size="20px"]     Participate in our speech & music competition.
[icon color="#b72a2a" icon="kt-icon-check-circle" size="20px"]     Enjoy many exciting activities and trips.